Amana turns your current CSR activities into strategic, research-driven, innovative, brand-connected, socially impactful CSR projects.






We help Indian companies create lasting social impact in India through their CSR, specifically as directed by Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013.



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Amana strategises and designs the CSR projects collaboratively with the client company's senior management.



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CSR Projects are then managed, implemented and monitored by Amana with our professional, handpicked, trusted, and financially transparent NGO partners.



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Our Impact


Since 2009, our work for

our clients has brought

water to over 1 million

people in 240 locations

in North and Central India; 



put 6000+ low income children

through pre-primary school,



built a 100-bed orphanage,

taken a sanitation message to 200,000

children in rural schools,



built a foundation to

structurally fight homelessness.   


And more.






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The Amana Way






Professional Engagement


We will seamlessly connect your CSR with our NGO partners and manage the entire relationship for you. This will progressively add credibility and content to your CSR program, with customers, consumers and communities.







Your brand value should benefit significantly from your CSR programmes. We’ll help you choose projects aligned with your corporate goals and brand. This can help turn your customers into brand advocates.







The best programmes are designed to start with depth, and scale over time. We will help you create and build long-term plans and strategies that maximize the social impact of your CSR investment over several years.






Your employees are some of your best brand ambassadors. We’ll help you include them in CSR programmes to connect them meaningfully to their employer (you), as well as increase the credibility of your CSR programme to your customers.








To save you time and cost, you can offload as much CSR projects “ownership” as you want to Amana and our partners  within a framework that helps us maintain high CSR programme quality for you.








Amana will create high quality communications and messaging materials including photographs, videos and other media materials. We’ll create impactful visceral stories from your CSR program, that are both genuine and deeply appealing.



Companies doing CSR in India often face these three sets of challenges.




Ad-hoc CSR without a strategy

Misguided targeting 

Unsustainable programs

Unscalable programs

Unmeasurable programs

Not connected to vision/mission



Short-term or one-time projects 

No long-term trusted NGO partnerships

Little systematic regular monitoring & reporting to help course-corrections 

Little or no measurement of actual on-the-ground social impact

Little project-level communications or employee engagement with projects 


Communications  CHALLENGE

The Indian consumer cares much more about causes than companies realize


CSR activities not connected to brands


Brands not connected to causes


Difficulty understanding and communicating core messages


Difficulties building brand advocacy among consumer groups

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5 things you need to know about Amana



10 years of pan-India cross-sectoral field engagement developing partnerships for impactful implementation with robust monitoring to generate evidence of transformation. 



Our organizational expertise is 100 man years ranging from health, education, livelihoods, human rights, agriculture, manufacturing, consulting services, strategic communications, hospitality, philanthropy, NGO management, monitoring and evaluation, and social work - we work with all that at the core of every project.



Working with a wide variety of beneficiaries including urban and rural schoolchildren, slum populations, farmer communities, rural communities, landless tribal populations, homeless communities, truckers & highway road users.



We are a highly networked organisation with local, regional, national and global linkages across various sectors. Our NGO partners work - inter alia - in education, health, water, agriculture, livelihoods and malnutrition.



Our programmes engage in a complex array of collaborations with the private, public, multi-lateral and education sectors to develop action research programmes that contribute to development indices - all this dramatically increases the potential of your CSR.



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